What is the difference between Static Shielding and Anti-Static bags?

Silver Static Shielding bags offer a metalized layer called a Faraday cage that shields the contents from a static charge. An Anti-Static bag is made of a neutral material that does not generate nor shield from static.


Static Shielding

This transparent metal-in static shielding bag is designed to provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. Bags are printed with an ESD protective symbol and a lot code for traceability. Open top and ZipTop styles are available. The bags are heat sealable. Static Shielding Bags are manufactured from a polyester, metal, polyethylene laminate. The polyester dielectric in concert with the metal layer provides discharge shielding. The exterior being static dissipative allows electrostatic charges to be removed when grounded.


Moisture Barrier

Moisture Barrier Bag is designed for dry packaging of electronic devices and uses the first structure. The moisture bag replaces costly nylon/foil laminates with metallized polyester and offers the strongest price/performance relationship in the dry packaging of moisture sensitive devices. The moisture bag offers full protection from ESD, static fields and tribocharging.


Anti-Static Poly Bags and Tubing

It is humidity independent, N-Octanoic acid free, does not promote corrosion and has no measurable outgassing. This material meets the electrical & physical properties of PRF-81705D Type II.


Black Conductive Poly Bags and Tubing

Contains a black color additive. Manufactured with a proprietary blend of 100% virgin low and linear low density polyethylene and a conductive additive. Meets the conductivity requirements of MIL-P-82646 Rev B. You cannot see through this product in interior light.

Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) are printed with moisture sensitive spots which change color from blue to pink when exposed to a relative humidity level.


Item NumberSizeNumber of SpotsRelativity Humidity LevelsQuantity per Metal Can
51060HIC1252"x 3"35/10/60125
51015HIC1252"x 3"35/10/15125
3HIC1252"x 3"330/40/50125
4HIC1003"x 2"410/20/30/40100
6HIC2001 9/16"x 4 3/4"610/20/30/40/50/60200


Kraft Paper Desiccant

Desiccant works by efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material.


Kraft Desiccant Sizing Chart

Part Number Unit Qty Container Weight Bag Dimensions
02BS10R13 1/6 1,200 5 Gal Pail 20 2.75 x 2.250
02BK10R13 1/3 700 5 Gal Pail 22 3.125 x 2.375
02BL10R13 1/2 550 5 Gal Pail 24 3.5 x 2.375
02BM10R16 1 1,300 30 Gal Drum 128 4.5 x 3.0
02BM10R13 1 300 5 Gal Pail 27 4.5 x 3.0
02BN10R16 2 800 30 Gal Drum 150 4.5 x 5.0
02BN10R13 2 150 5 Gal Pail 32 4.5 x 5.0
02BO10R16 4 500 30 Gal Drum 156 6.250 x 5.0

​​Tyvec Pouch Desiccant

Tyvec desiccant begins it’s work by absorbing air borne moisture left inside the bag when you’ve finished vacuum packaging. Then it captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material. Secured in a strong envelope of either clean room compatible, sulphur-free Tyvek desiccant helps keep your devices dry, even through unexpected shipping delays or longer than anticipated storage time.

Tyvec Desiccant Size Chart

Part Number Unit Qty Container Weight Bag Dimensions
02BS10A13 1/6 1,200 5 Gal Pail 20 2.125 x 2.125
02BK10A13 1/3 700 5 Gal Pail 22 2.5 x 2.125
02BL10A13 1/2 550 5 Gal Pail 25 2.875 x 2.125
02BM10A16 1 1,800 30 Gal Drum 127 4.5 x 3.0
02BM10A13 1 300 5 Gal Pail 28 4.5 x 3.0
02BN10A16 2 800 30 Gal Drum 135 4.5 x 5.0
02BN10A13 2 150 5 Gal Pail 32 4.5 x 5.0
02BO10A16 4 500 30 Gal Drum 156 6.25 x 5.0
02BQ10A16 8 300 30 Gal Drum 194 8.25 x 4.5
02BR10A16 16 150 30 Gal Drum 184 11 x 4.5

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