Protect Your Equipment From Static Charge Buildup

Z-Mar Technology in Charlotte, North Carolina is committed to offering ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) control products and services. We provide training, engineering support, and custom designing to help you eliminate static damage when it comes to your electronic products and assemblies.

Why Choose Us

Excellent Customer Service

Our team is composed of ESD certified engineers, technicians, and other professionals who can easily address a variety of your needs. We will walk you through the whole ESD process so you can identify the right anti-static solution for your company.

ESD and Static Control Specialization

We have an extensive background when it comes to providing ESD protection services for different electronics manufacturers. Our staff can assist you in improving your company operations through material handling and packaging of electronic equipment.

Our Services

Browse through a wide selection of anti-static services and products that are designed to make your facility ESD safe. This includes the following:

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • ESD Audits
  • ESD Engineering Training
  • ESD Product Sales
  • Field Service Training
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Customer Services
  • Online ESD Catalog
  • Package Engineering
  • Production Flow Audits
  • Production Line Set-up
  • Storeroom Management

Get Started

For any questions or inquiries about our products, reach out to us today. We look forward to assisting you.