Wrist Straps

​An ESD wrist strap is a device used to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) by safely grounding a person working in an ESD protected area. Most wrist straps consist of an elastic band of fabric with fine conductive fibers woven into it. The fibers are usually made of carbon or carbon-filled rubber, and the strap is bound with a stainless steel clasp or plate. Others wrist straps are made from flexible stainless steel watchband type materials. These products are usually used in conjunction with an ESD mat on the workbench


Heel and Toe Grounders

Establishes continuous ground path between mobile personnel and conductive flooring. 


ESD Field Service Kits Complete Portable ESD Safe Workstation

Field service mats are made from a rugged, three layer embossed PVC material and provide service personnel with a static free work area for handling sensitive devices. The edges bound for durability. The outer layer is resistant to punctures and tears. A buried conductive layer provides reliable decay of static charges. As designed, field service kits are lightweight, reliable and easy to fold for storage.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESDS20.20.



Used to ground soft workstation material


​Cords & Grounding

Cords with 1 Megohm Resistor to ground ESD workstation and floor matting