ESD Workstation Accessories

Standard Sizes

Model#    Size
WSC91818A3 18X18
WSC91824A3 18X24
WSC92424A3 24X24
WSC92436A3 24X36
WSC92448A3 24X48
WSC93048A3 30X48
WSC93060A3 30X60
WSC93636A3 36X36
WSC93648A3 36X48
WSC93660A3 36X60
WSC93672A3 36X72
WSC94848A3 48X48
WSC94860A3 48X60
WSC94872A3 48X72
WSC96072A3 60X72

Airlite III Workstation Cover Drapes

Airlite III material with binding around edges​

  • with yellow ESD tag sewn into binding edge
  • Available colors: Royal blue, Light Blue, White, Green, Burgundy, and Dark Brown

More sizes available upon request.

Additional Features if requested:

  • Ground Snap Installation: please specify which snap required: 10mm or 3/8" female snap, 4mm or 1/8" male snap
  • Yellow ESD Symbol Print: silk screened in center of cover
  • Elastic Edges instead of binding

Standard Sizes

WSC2436B 24" x 36"
WSC4836B 36" x 48"
WSC7236B 36" x 72"

Available in Blue Only


9010 ESD Workstation Cover Drapes

Drape the ESD Workstation cover over your sensitive products to protect from ESD, dust and other contaminants! This cover creates a faraday cage effect around covered product to shield from electrostatic fields and electrostatic discharges (ESD). This washable cover has a surface resistivity of 10^5 ohms/sq. The Workstation Cover has a silk-screened ESD symbol, bound edges and includes a 4mm grounding snap.


  • Groundable for added safety - 4MM Snap
  • Polyester with Conductive Yarn = 98% poly/2% carbon fiber
  • ESD-safe logo designates safe to use in ESD protective environment
  • Resistance less than 10^5
  • Bound edges

ESD Trash Cans and Liners


Easy to Maintain: Clean with #6001 Mat & Table Top Cleaner to protect electrical properties . Use #2003 General Purpose Staticide for added protection.

​Staticide® Static Dissipative Wastebasket

The 5075 Static Dissipative Wastebasket is ideal for clean rooms, manufacturing, inspection, quality control and research industries where static control is crucial. This sturdy, high-density polyethylene container dissipates static electricity and does not tribogenerate. It contains no carbon, dyes, or additives that slough or outgas, making it suitable for all applications demanding cleanliness.

  • Linear high-density polyethylene
  • 13" diameter rim x 21.75" high
  • 11-gallon container
  • Measures 10^8 - 10^11 ohms per square
  • No carbon black
  • Anti-static liners available in pink and black (1.5 mil thickness)

Roomy polyethylene anti-static trash can liners are available in pink and black. The average surface resistivity of the liners is 1010 ohms per square. Static decay rate is less than two seconds per Mil-B-81705B Type II-Federal test method 101C method 4046.​

Product #5075 = 11-gallon pail; 5 per case
Product #5076 = 24"x34" pink liner; 50 per bundle
Product #5076B = 24"x34" black liner; 50 per bundle


Corstat CFP Trash Cans

Eliminates Charge Generating Wastebaskets
ESD Safe

CWB 14-1/4 x 12-3/4 x 13-5/8" OD
CFPWB 14-1/4 x 10 x 14" OD

Each sold in multiples of 5


ESD 3 Ring Binders

Manufactured from P.V.C static dissipative vinyl; three (3) ring binders.

E.S.D warning labels on cover and spine for product identification.

ESD 3 Ring Binder

Size Case Qty
1" 26
2" 14
3" 7

ESD Paper

Paper's antistatic properties reduce attraction of airborne particles and enhance its performance in photocopiers and converting processes
Chemical and moisture resistant​

Cleanroom Paper, 8.5 x 11”, 22#, 250 sheets per pack.


Available in white, light blue, yellow, green and pink


​ESD Turntable

Ideal for assembly or rework on heavy or awkward mechanical assemblies
ESD safe for use with electrical assemblies
Surface material is conductive rubber; disc material is durable plastic
Surface resistivity of 5 x 10e6 Volume resistivity of 1x10e7
Weight capacity of 200 lbs. for D380

Three sizes available:

Model D300 12" dia. x 1/2" height
Model D380 15" dia. X 1/2" height
Model D500 20" dia. X 5/8" height

ESD Sheet Protectors


E.S.D sheet protectors for three ring binders available in clear Anti-Static polyethylene. Anti-static polyethylene offers an economical form of protection, resistant to photocopy and laser jet transfer.

  • ​polycarbonate compatible, low out gassing, non corrosive
  • ​Eliminates the hazard of static damage to electronic components
  • ​meets electrical specifications of MIL-B-81705D Type II

ST1SP008011X = 8.5" X 11", 100 PER BOX


ESD Sheet Protectors w/ White Stripe and Three Hole Punch

are designed for use in ESD controlled areas where Electronic sensitive material is produced. All sheet protectors are made from 2 mil, stable, amine-free, polypropylene clear film. The material is specially treated to reduce 90% of charge generation in less than 1 sec per NFPA-56A and MIL-B-81705B.

Main features:

  • Lightly embossed to reduce glare.
  • Resistant to print transfer.
  • White stripe with ESD identification.
  • Surface Resistivity: 10^9 - 10^11 @ 15% RH. Std.
  • 3-Hole Punch.​​

DC1185 = 8.5 X 11, 100 PER PACK


All of our Clean Room blue static dissipative solvent containers have an average surface resistivity of 10^9 to 10^10. Our blue bottles will dissipate a charge of plus or minus 5000 volts in less than 2 seconds at 40% relative humidity. By their chemical nature, they will not have any chemical reactivity with solvents such as TCE or alcohol. The pH of the deionized water solutions tested was the same before and after a 7-day period. No color change or any other physical change noted for any solvents tested. Competitively priced with existing Static Generating Containers & Bottles.


ESD Spray Mister Bottles

Part Numbers:
SMB-2-ESD = 2 oz.
SMB-8-ESD = 8 oz.
SMB-16-ESD = 16 oz.


ESD Round Storage Bottles

Part Numbers:
RSB-2-ESD = 2 oz.
RSB-8-ESD = 8 oz.
RSB-16-ESD = 16 oz.


Square ESD Storage Bottles

Part Numbers:
SQB-4-ESD = 4 oz.
SQB-6-ESD = 6 oz.
SQB-8-ESD = 8 oz.
SQB-16-ESD = 16 oz.


Catch All ESD Cup

Part Number:
CTAL-ESD = 16 oz.


ESD Wash Bottles

Part Numbers:
WHB-8-ESD = 8 oz.
WHB-16-ESD = 16 oz.


ESD Water Bottles

Part Numbers:
WB-8-ESD = 8 oz.
WB-16-ESD = 16 oz.


ESD Sports Bottle

Part Number:
SB-32-ESD = 32 oz.


ESD Spray Cleaner Bottles

Part Numbers:
SCB-16-ESD = 16 oz.
SCB-32-ESD = 32 oz.


ESD Anti-Splash Pump Solvent Dispensers

Part Numbers:
SD-4-ESD-AS = 4 oz.
SD-6-ESD-AS = 6 oz.
SD-8-ESD-AS = 8 oz


Standard Pump ESD Solvent Dispensers

Part Numbers:
SD-4-ESD = 4 oz.
SD-6-ESD = 6 oz.
SD-8-ESD = 8 oz.


Flux Bottles with Needles

Part Numbers:
FD-1-ESD = 2 oz. with 26-GA Needle
FD-2-ESD = 2 oz. with 20-GA Needle
FD-3-ESD = 2 oz. with 16-GA Needle


Flux Bottle with Pen Tip

Part Number:
FD-PEN-ESD = 2 oz

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