Conductive Floor Mat

786 Fatigue Mat

Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue is our #1 seller year in and year out for static control applications.

* Nitricell sponge base delivers 2X the resilience and 3X the life of typical sponges
* Available in Smooth (SM) and Diamond Plate (DP)  surface pattern
* Overall thickness, Standard 9/16” (14 mm) or UltraSoft 15/16” (24 mm)
* Grounding snap is attached to the corner of each mat (NOTE: Mat must be grounded with a ground cord; workers must wear Heel  grounders

Available in runner only, no fatigue backing.  Part# = 785

Conductive Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat 1

Staticide ESD Traction Mat

ESD Traction Mat

*Slip Resistance with Static Control

*This conductive nitrile rubber will last for years without cracking or curling.  This resilient floor mat can withstand grease, oil, and common lab chemicals.  The high heat resistance makes it a safe choice for welders.

*It meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 guidelines for sensitive devices.

Ideal for:

*Electronics manufacturing and assembly

*Sensitive Device Manufacturing

*ESD Workspaces

*Static-Sensitive Warehousing and data centers

*Suitable for welders

2 sizes available:

6003660:  36" x 60" x .125" thickness

6004872:  48" x 72" x .125" thickness

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